Welcome to the new University Place Refuse website!


Allow me to use up this first blog post to introduce myself.  My name is Michael Gruener, and I am the director of thanks here at University Place Refuse and Recycling.  I’ve worked here since 1992 when I started hanging on the back of a rear-load garbage truck in the summer before my freshman year in high school.  As we drove from can to can, hopping off at each stop to lug the trash to the back of the truck, I could only imagine how far the company had come since my great-grandfather, Kordeil Larsen, started the business in 1942.  Now, nearly 70 years later, nearly all of our routes are fully automated, allowing our trucks to do all our heavy lifting – a far cry from Kordeil’s flatbed truck with 55 gallon drums strapped in back.  With his wife, Mary, driving the truck, Kordeil would toss the trash up to his son, Don, who would dump the trash into the drums, using the all too familiar “jump-on-the-trash-to-make-more-room” technique that I’ve seen some of our customers get so good at.

University Place Refuse and Recycling early truck

One of Kordeil Larsen’s later trucks

A lot has changed since then, but our desire for exceptional customer service has remained the same.  Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have closed the gap between company and customer, allowing a more personal relationship to form and a stronger sense of community to emerge.

Therein lies the reason for this new version of our website.  We have decided to create a platform of our own to provide our customers with plenty of

information, communication, and fun.  Sure, I’ll continue to post on Facebook and Twitter.  I’ll soon be posting on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.  This new site, though, will be the home base to those outposts; a place where all of those social networks point back to.

University Place Refuse and Recycling has always been about community, and we will continue to focus on that.  Hopefully, this new site will help.

Feel free to comment on any of my posts… Let me know you’re here!